About Sicom

Langley, BC

Langley, British Columbia Canada

Houston, Texas

Humble, Texas USA

Sicom Industries was founded in 1986 to meet a growing market for high-tech, precision manufacturing. Initially, two Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) mills were bought which was the beginning of our small Vancouver, British Columbia facility.


Our group of five employees began an exhaustive development and training program, acquiring the key knowledge and experience required to succeed. Our business plan focused on the combined importance of science and computer technology in manufacturing. And as we used these aspects of our business to fuel our endeavours, we incorporated components from the words "science" and "computers" to derive our name, Sicom.

In 1987, we moved our operation to a bay in Surrey, British Columbia. With sustained, steady growth, we gradually expanded to 42 employees occupying the entire building. And in 2006 we relocated again to a custom-built 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Gloucester Industrial Estates, Langley, British Columbia. Currently Sicom employs over 90 people, operating 24 hours a day, five days a week.

In 2015 we expanded our US operations, opening Sicom Industries USA, a brand new custom-built production facility in Humble, Texas located on the outskirts of Houston. The 5-acre facility opened early 2015 with 20 skilled employees and a 30,000 square foot plant, with expansion ability to 70,000 square feet. Our new location has the capability of working on large parts (up to 10,000 lbs), and provides a second option to our clients for enhanced customer service and delivery.

Along the way we've continued to increase our range of machining services by purchasing the latest manual and CNC machine tools capable of machining larger sized parts. We have also formed an expert mechanical engineering team to develop leading edge lean manufacturing initiatives.

Throughout the years, our dedication has created satisfied customers by delivering high quality precision-machined parts on time. And we're proud to say that as we've continued to grow so has our list of satisfied clients such as US Navy, Spar Aerospace, Raytheon Systems, General Dynamics and Fortune 500 companies that are involved in the Oil & Gas sector.